Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Luz De Piedra De Luna (Umbra Sum Remix)

In 2010, Javiera Mena released her sophomore record Mena. To commemorate this release, Javiera hosted a remix contest of the track, “Luz de piedra de luna” (“Moonstone Light”). Six years later, I give you the end result, which I'm pretty sure is well past the submission deadline. I’d like to offer a more compelling explanation as to why it took me over half a decade to complete this remix, but I’m afraid that the only reason I have for my tardiness is that I simply forgot about the contest. Honestly, I’m glad that my memory lapsed, since had I actually finished the remix back then, it would’ve have been an unforgivable musical tragedy. I can confidently say that today I’m less ignorant with regard to music production (although I still have a ways to go). In any case, I hope you enjoy it.